Nathan Fox

Episode 110 is all about how to access and easily understand ABA 509 reports, AKA “the-one-thing-you-should-be-legally-required-to-read-before-going-to-law-school” report. Plus, the guys give some expert advice on Logic Games, walking you through […]

The September LSAT hath been slain, dear listeners, and the guys jump right in to discussing feedback they’ve heard about the test. Tune in to get the latest hearsay. Plus, […]

A flurry of recent LSAT and legal-profession news frontloads this action-packed show. The guys discuss recent developments with additional law schools accepting—or not accepting—the GRE. Plus, the show gets an […]

With the June LSAT behind us, we discuss early reports from the test and dig into listener emails. Sorry for Nathan’s bad audio—he’s 1) on the road and 2) bad at […]