Episode 15: Studying for the LSAT with a Learning Disability

Nathan talks one-on-one with a student in Dallas, Texas.  Topics include:

  • Can you still go to law school if you have low GPA and a learning disability?
  • How can the LSAT help you get into law school when you have a low GPA?
  • Getting accommodations on the LSAT with ADHD or learning disabilities?
  • How to address getting into law school with a poor GPA and learning disability.
  • How do you apply for the LSAC fee waiver? What does the LSAC fee waiver get you?
  • Should you apply to law schools that invite you to apply without the fee, even if you are not interested in attending?

LSAT strategy topics include:

  • The importance of slowing down in order to understand the LSAT and make the questions easier for you.
  • LSAT logic games have gotten easier over the past several years.  Practicing old games is a great workout, but don’t let them get you too discouraged!
  • Skipping the science passage in the Reading Comprehension section?


  1. Hi Nathan,

    I’m a student from Ben’s Strategy Prep, and I’ve really been enjoying the podcasts, so thank you for making them and helping so many people. Are Episodes 15 and 16 worth listening to if I don’t have a learning disability? These have been helpful and interesting for me to listen to, so I want to get as much out of them as possible.



    1. Hey Christina, thanks for writing. Yes, I do think you’ll get something out of these episodes even without an LD. For one, we always discuss other topics on each show besides the title topic. For another, I think the LD stuff is very philosophically interesting, so I think you’ll get some edification even if that topic doesn’t directly help you with your LSAT score. I’m biased, but I say listen to them all 🙂


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