Episode 24: Law School Admissions Q&A with Gerald Heppler

Gerald Heppler, Associate Director of Admissions at Golden Gate University School of Law, spoke to Nathan’s San Francisco LSAT class for a “Nobody’s Perfect” law school admissions Q&A session. Some of the topics Gerald addressed are:

  • What to do if you don’t have the perfect law school application
  • If you have issues to report in the character and fitness section of the application
  • What to do if your undergraduate grades are not ideal
  • Developing a wait list strategy

Take a listen and let us know what you think.


    1. We took a break, but we have new episodes coming soon. Thanks for listening!


  1. Nathan & Ben,

    I am taking the Feburary LSAT. I am hoping to get at least 87 questions correct. I started out at 151 two months ago, and it took me about two months to become good at studying. I finally got a 160 last week off of 71 correct questions. I had a major gain in the logic games over the last week as that was my weakest and I started focusing on that. I have been scoring around 18 correct answers on each of the Logical Reasoning, and 20-22 on the RC. I have three weeks left. I am going to continue trying to master the Logic games, and I realistically hope to get around 19 questions correct on that section. I would like to be getting at around 22 questions correct if not more on each of the logical reasoning sections. What is your advice in regards studying the Logical reasoning sections? I usually go over my answers after I take a practice test, and I can pick the correct answer right off the bat on the re-visit 4/5 times on the logical reasoning, but that hasn’t translated to a general increase on the tests. Any advice would be greatly appreciated? Btw I love the podcast, it has been an invaluable resource for a self studier!

    Best Regards,


    1. Thanks for the question, Travis! We addressed it on the show we recorded today (episode 25). It takes a few days for each episode to get posted, but I hope our thoughts are helpful. Keep us posted on everything as you move forward, Ben


  2. AWEsome! Thanks Ben…I look forward to the podcast! Please let me know in what way I can support ya’ll, whether financially or otherwise.



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