Episode 3: Should I cancel my LSAT score?

Ben and I mildly disagree on whether to bring a watch to test day, then vehemently agree that you should almost never cancel your LSAT score. On the issue of why the test is scaled, not curved, we’re equally clueless. ¬†Plus, news from the June 2014 LSAT.


  1. They are right! Don’t ever cancel scores. We do better thank we think.


  2. what happens for the scores of the people who take the LSAT three times? Does it trend up?


    1. It depends. If you’re just taking the test over and over, hoping for a better score, you’re probably not going to be satisfied with your results. But two types of students DO tend to improve:

      1) Students who do something dramatically different in their preparation between tests, and
      2) Students who scored worse on their actual LSAT than their practice tests indicated they were capable of… these students can frequently improve on a retake without doing anything significantly different the second time around.


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