Episode 57: Leveraging Scholarship Offers, When to Start Law School, and Tips for Campus Visits

After a bad test day and a “questionable” prep guide got him a 147 on the LSAT, Torvald* uses the Thinking LSAT podcast to jump his retake score to a 165 — Gratulerer, Torvald! As he considers law school options, Torvald wonders how to leverage scholarship offers from lower-ranked schools to get the best offer from his top-choice program. We advise him to apply broadly, and discuss how to make the most of any offers. (2:25)

*not his real name, unfortunately

Muhammad has already been accepted to his top choice, Brooklyn Law School, but is starting to doubt his decision after seeing the new rankings that drop the program from 78th to 97th. Nathan dismisses the drop, while PI Ben conducts a thorough investigation of Brooklyn Law School and uncovers some disturbing trends. (12:50)

An anonymous listener writes in for advice after her less-than-perfect session with the assistant admissions director at the school she is interested in. We discuss the potential effects of such a meeting and suggest ways to ensure you make a good impression on your law school visits. (25:25)

We talk Socratic method as Nathan rants about professors who don’t employ the approach correctly and Ben shares his personal Socratic method faux pas. Learn from our mistakes as we tell you how to deal with this notoriously intimidating teaching style. (28:55)

A string of listener emails lead to discussions about starting law school in the summer vs. starting in the fall, reasons to go to or skip public events held by schools, and whether a particular LSAT prep audio book is any good for studying. (44:10)

We wrap up with Question #18 from the June 2007 LSAT. Download the free test and try it for yourself, then listen in as we work through it. (59:41)

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  1. Well done once again with the newest episode. Can I make a suggestion for a possible interview? Ever since Nathan’s been talking about potentially bringing Cate Hall onto the podcast, it got me thinking about other similarly intriguing candidates (ex. ivy league law school, burned out in law, started a different unconventional career, etc.) and one person I discovered was Jeff Todd.

    Jeff Todd attended Harvard Law School, worked at a very successful law firm for 5 years making boat loads of cash but hated “climbing the corporate ladder.” He now works as a blogger for mlbtraderumors.com, is an amazing writer and also much happier with his life. I think he would be a very interesting guest on your show and I definitely think your other podcast listeners would benefit from hearing his story.



    Just throwing it out there! Anyways, keep up the great work, Nathan and Ben. Love the show!

    Thinking LSAT Fan


    1. Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll try to get more people on the show, including Jeff Todd.


  2. Did Jeff end up agreeing to do an interview?


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