Episode 64: To Retake Or Not To Retake- That Is the Question…

Tis the time for our noble listeners to decide whether or not they are satisfied with their June LSAT scores. Zach wonders if it is worth risking a lower retake score after earning a 172 on the test. ‘Appreciative Student’ was surprised to receive an official score that was 5-6 points higher than their highest practice test score, and asks if it would be a good idea to try for an even higher result in September. (6:50)

We discuss a recent NY Times article, An Expensive Law Degree, and No Place to Use It. The article addresses the situation that some attendees of lower-tiered law schools find themselves in upon graduation: crushing debt, low bar passage rates, and a bleak employment outlook. We talk about these issues and what you can do to avoid a similar fate. (18:25)

Last but not least, we debut the inaugural Reading Comprehension explanation on the Thinking LSAT Podcast. We carefully read, comprehend, and discuss Passage #1 from the June 2007 test. Download the test yourself and play along as we go. (32:20)

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Take a listen and let us know what you think.


  1. Hey guys,

    Great episode.

    I wanted to ask, do you guys see any value in preparing for Law School the summer before 1L?

    I have free-time and relaxing time– I am all relaxed out and played out.

    Is there any value to doing some practice tests and some reading of the summary books?


    1. Can’t hurt. Can you find some rising 2Ls at your school, and see if you can get some outlines / practice exams from them? It would be ideal to study exams from the exact professors who will be grading you this year.

      If not, you could just start with some basic hornbooks. I remember liking the “Examples and Explanations” series. Then again I sucked at law school so maybe I’m not the guy to trust.


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