Episode 66: Book Recommendations, Time Wasters, and When Good Habits Go Bad

We open Episode 66 with some book recommendations; Ben is enjoying Chaos Monkeys by Antonio García Martínez and Nathan just finished Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Reading these could expand your mind and your vocabulary; at the very least, they will be more interesting than reading The Economist. (2:40)

Mike, a dedicated listener and student of Nathan’s, writes in to discuss his personal battle with the LSAT. Mike was the picture of LSAT prep perfection- he completed 35 full practice tests, improved his diet and fitness routine, and even listened to every episode of Thinking LSAT… twice. All signs pointed to Mike acing the June 6th test, and then disaster struck. Listen to Mike’s heartbreaking tale, and hear our advice on how he can put that day behind him and move forward to success. (17:42)

We begin Section 3 of Logic Games from the June 2007 LSAT, completely working through Questions #1 and #2. Download the free test here and try the questions, then listen in for our explanation. (48:04)

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Take a listen and let us know what you think.



  1. Ben and Nathan,

    Thank you both so very much for taking the time to provide some much needed advice and encouragement. The discussion over my routine creating ‘artificial necessary conditions,’ and my work load being perhaps overzealous helped provide some much needed self-reflection. I am now studying for September’s exam in a much more ‘relaxed’ fashion with far less regimen. My focus is to simply maintain the skills I have already developed, rather than to finish ten more tests by some arbitrary date. I’m looking forward to updating you both in a few months.

    PS. I had a long car trip recently and listened to Angela Duckworth’s “Grit” per Ben’s previous podcast suggestion. It was highly motivational and inspiring.


  2. For some reason I’m not seeing your embedded player or links to download on any post anymore. Temporary, or just me?


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