Episode 69: Psychic Ben, Sticky Notes, and Inbox Zero

The recent release of The 10 Actual, Official LSAT Prep Tests 42-51 by the LSAC has Nathan and Ben all in a tizzy. While Nathan grumbles about the price, title, and layout, Ben is busy taking credit for willing the book into existence. (2:19)

This week, Ben’s Book Corner features Make It Stick- The Science of Successful Learning. The book identifies the study and learning techniques that are most effective for understanding and retaining new information. Check out Make It Stick to see if your own strategies could be improved. A word of warning: be careful not to confuse it with the similarly titled but very different Made to Stick or Stick It. (8:00)

Are you preparing for the LSAT and looking for even more study opportunities? Do you have eyes, ears, and…well that’s all you need, actually. Yes, you say? Perfect! Ben is looking for volunteers to review and rate videos from his LSAT prep class and you can contact him to sign up. (23:45)

Listener mail came pouring in this week, covering a variety of LSAT and law school topics, and we work through it to get our inbox back to zero. Kyle proposes, and Ben tries out, a new strategy for Reading Comp questions (46:56), Shiva is panicked about missing the September LSAT she planned to take (59:29), Basic Laurenjenna asks if Logic Games are harder on recent tests (1:07:50), and Boba Fett wants to know if a recommendation from 2015 can be used for a 2017 application (1:26:40).

Episode 69 concludes with a challenge from Ben to the Thinking LSAT listeners. Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve giving up your cell phone or juice fasts or anything. (1:53:56)

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  1. Nathan and Ben,

    It was a sad day today, but it was time… I finally deleted all of the Thinking LSAT podcasts from my iPhone. They’ve kept me company for countless hours of on-the-go prep during the months leading up to today’s LSAT. Your advice was an invaluable resource and frankly quite entertaining. I’m hoping that today’s test, in spite of the now somewhat notorious 4th game, will be my final LSAT. I was a self-study student who saw my score improve from the high 150s to a consistent mid to high 160s, due in part to the podcast and the simple and straightforward advice y’all give.

    Thanks for your help guys and keep up the good work.


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