Episode 70: Big Law Advice from A Recent Graduate

Ben reads and recommends Alexander HamiltonThe biography by Ron Chernow inspired the recent musical phenomenon and Ben thinks it could also be an inspiration for aspiring lawyers. (5:30)

Dreaming of a job in Big Law? If so, fire up your laptop and follow along as a recent law school grad offers advice on scoring a job at a Top 30 firm like she did. First, check out the NALP Directory to find the legal employer you might be interested in. Look at the employment summaries for specific law schools according to reports from the American Bar Association. Check out two articles, here and here, that describe Big Law salaries and the high expectations that can go along with that fat paycheck. Finally, study the bimodal distribution of starting salaries for lawyers by graduation year. (6:30)

Nathan takes Ben back to middle school when he explains the difference between Mean, Median, and Mode. In other words, this is the part where you might want to break for a snack until the math is over. (37:30)

Ben performs a dramatic reading of an email from Michelle, a loyal listener who compares the Blueprint prep course she took in 2012 to what she’s learned from the Thinking LSAT podcast. Since listening, she has made some strategic changes that have improved her practice scores. No Michelle, thank YOU. (51:08)

Kirk is struggling with Logic Games and asks where his study time is best spent leading up to test day (58:05), and Travis wants help getting through the wordy answer choices in Reading Comprehension. (1:07:30)

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  1. Hello Mr. Fox,

    I know you get hundreds of questions per day, so I will just jump right in to my question. When should I get my applications for the 2017 school year in by? I would prefer to submit my applications as early as possible to be considered for early decision and be eligible for the highest amount of scholarships. I took the September LSAT and will receive my score on October 20th, which does not give me a lot of time to make a decision. I would also like to visit the schools I am deciding on before I make a final decision, but I am not sure I will have enough time. Does it vary per school or is there a general standard of when you should apply by for early enrollment?

    I also plan on sending you another email when I get my score for further advice. I appreciate your time and the podcast.

    Thank You!



    1. Hi Eli, thanks for listening and thanks for writing. Short answer, per our friend Ann Levine: Applications in before Thanksgiving can be considered “early.” Applications before February are “normal.” Applications after the February LSAT are “late” (and should be avoided).

      Hope that helps!



  2. I thought you guys and other listeners might appreciate this really great podcast miniseries, More Perfect. It’s about the Supreme Court and gives future lawyers a lot to think about. My favorite is Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl. Here’s the link: http://www.wnyc.org/shows/radiolabmoreperfect.


    1. I’ve listened to a couple episodes, and I agree that they’re good. I’ve always enjoyed Radiolab.


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