Episode 72.5: An Interview with Mike from Episode 66

In Episode 66, Nathan and Ben discussed an email from Mike, a dedicated student who suffered from panic-induced insomnia the night before his June LSAT. Needless to say, that test did not go well for him. Now fast-forward to this past week, when Mike received his score from the September LSAT…170.

In this special mini-episode of the Thinking LSAT Podcast, Nathan asks Mike what he thinks went wrong in June and what he did differently to prepare for the September test. Hear their advice to people preparing for their own test, and find out what Mike is up to now that the LSAT is behind him for good.

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Take a listen and let us know what you think.


  1. I just started listening to the your podcasts and I’m kicking myself for not tuning in earlier. This was really helpful!
    I started practicing for the September LSAT in July for the September LSAT. I took a TestMasters course, but I was not seeing the score that I wanted (165+). I was taking PTs for the sake of practicing, which really burned me out! I decided to postpone until the December LSAT and took a 2 week break before starting to study again. I have since been using a similar strategy of taking one practice section in a day, along with other practice questions/passages/games. I am doing much better; I scored in the goal range when I took the June 2016 PT recently. I am nervous, though, about not building enough stamina. The first section in the 2016 PT was LR and I didn’t miss a single question, but missed about 7 questions in the second LR section. I could feel myself getting tired as the test progressed, along with getting an achy neck. I have 8 PTs left. Any recommendations on how to build stamina without burning out?
    Also really nervous about not being able to sleep the night before. I’m not a nervous test-taker, but I always get nervous about sleeping through my alarm. It happened once in college and I have been scarred ever since.


    1. Hi Namrata, thanks for your questions. I’ve added them to the agenda for our next show! Stay tuned…



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