Episode 79: Little White Lies and the Diagramming Demon

Nathan gives five (death)stars to “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” while Ben shares a far more lukewarm review of his family’s new dog, a “Mountain Swissy” kind. (0:30)

In Episode 78, the guys read part of an email from Alec, a student who took the December LSAT but canceled his score after encountering an “unusual” Logic Game. They continue with Alec’s questions here in Episode 79. Topics covered include: dealing with the experimental section, choosing the best study materials, combining rules to make inferences, and deciding when to diagram on the test. (6:34)

An anonymous listener asks whether or not she should submit an addendum that uses a “white lie” to explain an LSAT absence from two years ago. Ben says the fib is not worth the risk and if the truth ever does get out it could have devastating consequences on her career. Nathan agrees that the truth is best in this and every case, as small lies lead to bigger, more complicated lies that are too difficult to keep track of. No matter the reason, the guys concur and urge people to be completely honest on their applications. (42:30)

We continue the June 2007 LSAT with a lengthy Logical Reasoning problem. To play at home just download the free test, work through Question #14 in Section 3, and listen in as we discuss the solution in detail. (48:30)

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  1. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to give you both a huge THANK YOU for putting out such a great podcast. IMHO, listening to the podcast daily at work was 90% of the reason I went from a 149 diagnostic to a 170 on the December test.

    Thanks times a million!! You guys rock!!!!


    1. Wow, nice work! 170 is incredible. Glad to hear that the podcast has been helpful. Good luck as you submit applications, Ben


  2. Is there still going to be an episode on the weirdest lsat tutor students both of you have ever had? (obviously with them being anonymous)

    Pretty sure Nathan mentioned something about this a few episodes back.



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