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“I have listened to every episode of the thinking LSAT podcast and just want to say thank you for producing an awesome LSAT podcast. You are far and away the best LSAT podcast and have helped my studies tremendously. I cannot thank you enough.” –AJ

“Ultimately, I forgot to just THINK. I was so caught up in the tactics and theory of it all, that it seemed like a difficult game. Nathan, you once said “it’s not that hard.” For some reason, that really stuck with me. Of course it’s a learnable test and there are invaluable techniques and advice that are necessary to employ if you want to do well, but it’s been so valuable for me to remember not to OVER think. You guys do an amazing job of balancing “LSAT theory” with common sense.” –Michelle

The podcast is the most grounded resource i have found regarding the lsat and law school, and has helped me put them both into perspective.  Thank you and keep up the good work.  I will donate on the website when I am able so I can contribute to Nathan’s beer fund.  Ben can use his half for audio books or something. ” –Kirk from Kentucky

“I completed the June LSAT earlier today, and I just wanted to send you both a wholehearted and well-deserved thank you. I stumbled on your podcast several months ago – admittedly, I walked away for a while after the rather involved “Replace a Rule” conversation – but I rediscovered it in April, and I am so glad I did. In the past 6-7 weeks, I’ve trucked through 60 Thinking LSAT episodes. At work, on the go, in bed, in the shower – I just couldn’t get enough of you two.”  –Mike

“I ended up taking the June LSAT and your podcast was awesome at keeping me motivated during my busy season. I got a 175 and am very happy.  Your podcast has been super helpful. I especially loved your reading comp tips. That was my worst section and I ended up going -0 in reading comp on the real thing!  I’m so relieved I won’t have to retake but I will definitely continue to listen your podcast.  It’s so entertaining with lots of great advice.” –Anastasia

I just wanted to thank you for the hours of LSAT discussion through the podcast. I started with a 140 diagnostic in January 2016. I have always thought of myself as a “bad test taker” and thought of quitting after such a miserable experience on my first try at the diagnostic. But, I kept at it…I listened to all of your podcast episodes, did a prep course (7Sage and the LSAT trainer), and completed about 35 full prep tests. I received a 160 on the June LSAT which at one time seemed impossible. Your podcast did as much, or more, for me than the other prep materials.” –Matt

“Ben and Nathan are two very genuine individuals who are fully invested in helping students CRUSH the LSAT. After listening to the show for a brief period of time, I reached out to Ben and Nathan for LSAT help, and to my surprise they both jumped at the opportunity to provide assistance. Thinking LSAT is a great show, and more importantly, a great tool that prospective law school students can use to attack the test!” — P.B.

“I no longer feel like logic games are ruining my life. I re-listened to the podcast about games and took notes. It helped so much! I got through 14 questions and I got 14 points (happy dance).” — Ebony, Dallas, TX

“First of all, I would like to say that I am a big fan of the podcast! It has been of immense help during my prep, and I think it was largely responsible for helping me move my practice scores from the 154 range to a recent 164. I’ve emphatically recommended your podcast to a handful of friends as well as your books, since the approach you two take to the test is WAY better than anything I’ve read elsewhere. God damn, the time and anxiety I would have saved if I’d only done timed sections and review from day 1.” — Steve

“Thank you so much for your quick and thoughtful responses. All of the pieces of advice you’ve given me have made me feel a lot better and more confident going into Saturday. I hadn’t thought on some of the points you both made (i.e. around my average is a more realistic estimate and really taking each question one at a time). It opened my eyes up to a more positive way of thinking about the test. 

Personally, I’ve decided to take one more practice test before Saturday. I’m taking a practice test that I’ve already done and scored 160 on, but I’m not going to score it. My thinking is that I take a practice and remember what it feels like to do well so can going into the test feeling confident and prepared, instead of having the 155 hanging over my head.

Thanks again for all of your thoughtful advice and let me know if you hear anything about that time machine!” — Alyssa R.


  1. This podcast has saved me. I was stressing about the exam and not having a formal prep class. Now my anxiety is all but gone and I’ve developed an effective study schedule.


  2. Recently took a practice LSAT at Strategy Prep in DC. On every logical reasoning question where the author’s conclusion was a recommendation, I heard Nathan’s voice shouting, “Dont fucking tell me what to do…”


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