Your law school personal statement craves personal attention from Thinking LSAT hosts Ben Olson and Nathan Fox.

Personal Statement Package

Nathan reviews your initial drafts to make sure you’re hitting the right themes. Ben perfects your style and grammar. Our brutal honesty results in a vibrant, professional document—and schools see you as a kickass lawyer they need to pursue.​ As a bonus, they’ll also help you perfect your resume.


Total Cost - $2,995*



Payment plans?

For our regular package: Pay three payments of $998, once a month. Email to get started.

Do I need a rough draft before I start working with Ben and Nathan?

Most of the first drafts we see have topics that miss the mark. We can start with what you have, of course, but we are also expert at asking tons of questions to find other promising areas of interest. We go back and forth with you via a Google Doc to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the topic, ask questions to flesh that topic out and make sure we’re highlighting the right details, and in the final stages, we do multiple rounds of edits to make sure the copy sparkles.


*We sincerely appreciate all the requests. To ensure that we can give all our clients the time they need to perfect their statements, we’ve decided to raise our prices.


For those who can’t afford our package, here’s a list of all our episodes with personal statement advice. And here’s Berkeley’s solid personal statement advice. Keep us posted!

Check out Ben and Nathan's PS Workshops

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