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Test 0 - Section 4 - Question 6

Logical Reasoning

Difficulty: 2


Demon user Marisol E. asks,

"I chose A, the answer is C. Why does the glacier have to melt for this to be true? Can't it be discovered without the glacier melting? Maybe the glacier split open after hitting another one?"

This is an excellent question because Marisol is being very specific about what she doesn't understand. When you tell your teacher, specifically, what you don't understand you are humbling yourself. But you're also being cocky enough to accept the idea that you can actually understand this shit. When a student says "Nathan, I don't understand this specific thing right here," they are also saying "I expect to be able to understand things. I'm smart. I can, and will, get it."

Because Marisol asked such an excellent question, my job is easy. It's gonna take about two seconds to sort her out. The first sentence said "as the glacier melted." This glacier melted; that's part of the facts. It's not up for debate. The glacier does have to be at least 4,000 years old, because if it were younger than that, the body would not be preserved. So C is proven true by the given facts.

See how easy? That's because Marisol asked a good question. If she keeps this up, she will constantly increase her understanding. She'll be successful not only on the LSAT, but in law school and beyond.

A) Nah. Why can't the poor bastard have been carrying around a 10,000-year-old piece of dragonglass or whatever? We know that his artifacts make him "at least" 4000 years old. But things that are a billion years old are "at least" 4,000 years old. So this answer can easily be false.

B) There's zero evidence for this. Since we found him frozen in a glacier, "death by Winter" seems a pretty likely hypothesis if anything.

C) Yup. See above.

D) Nah. We don't know that the artifacts themselves needed freezing in order to be preserved. The artifacts could have been a bunch of rocks for all we know.

E) No, this answer is far too broad. "Global climate"?! We have zero evidence about the global climate. This is the poster child for an overly broad wrong answer on a Must Be True. 

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