• Ben Olson

Ep. 157: Trees Grow as Tall as They Can

Ben Olson September 10, 2018

Even though the guys have tried to omit discussions of the weather at the top of the show, the summer heat is getting to Ben. But he’s sweating it out for this action-packed show. The guys share updates about the LSAT Demon and their upcoming weekend course in Chicago. We get to hear some warm and fuzzy stories from your fellow listeners. Plus, Nathan and Ben take a look at a GPA addendum, and answer your standard stack of other LSAT questions.

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3:50 – The LSAT Demon is an artificial-intelligence LSAT prep tool that Ben and Nathan developed for you to do LSAT prep on the go. Pretty awesome, right? The guys talk about some recent updates and give you more information about the tool, including what test questions and explanations you get access to through the platform.

6:03 – The Thinking LSAT live class is going on the road! Thanks to a poll from the Thinking LSAT Facebook Group, the guys are headed to the windy city of Chicago on October 20-21 to help you mid-westerners get a leg up on the November LSAT. Sign up here to join the Nathan and Ben for a weekend of LSAT prep, fun, red hots, and deep dish pies.

7:56 – Email 1—Trevor has gotten a ton out of prep materials from the Thinking LSAT duo. Ben’s free resources, Nathan’s private tutoring, and of course the podcast were instrumental in bumping his July score into the 170s. Thanks for the update, Trevor!

9:00 – Email 2—The guys read a GPA addendum submitted by Mango and offer some feedback.

13:03 – Email 3—Katie enrolled in a…Kaplan LSAT course, and then she found the podcast. Now that she’s a listener, she chuckles out loud at advice from her poor Kaplan instructor. The class is learning some “tips and tricks” for reading comp that we over here at Thinking LSAT would describe as…pretty f*ckin’ kooky. The guys ponder why these terrible “methods” are being espoused.

19:15 – Email 4—Nathan and Ben are challenged on their position that principle questions do not exist. Listen as they duke it out with an anonymous correspondent who sports a very smart nom de plume.

27:19 – Email 5—Now for the “warm and fuzzy” segment of the show. Steve writes in to share that the podcast helped him abandon his aspirations of going to law school. Even though he’s a successful engineer, Steve dreamt of money and prestige that he thought came with being a lawyer. The show made him think twice. Tune in to hear his heartfelt thanks to Ben and Nathan.   

32:13 – Email 6—Anonymous just got the green light for accommodated testing. And his practice test scores now show a 20-point increase over his recorded score (from a test with no accommodations). He’s heard that schools can inquire about a big score jump like this, and he’s wondering if he needs to disclose that he received accommodations. Pretty reasonable question, right? Well anon need not worry, because you don’t have to say a damn thing.