• Nathan Fox

Ep. 47: LSAT Accommodations, LSAT Test-Day Score Drops and Whether to Drill Specific Question Types

We discuss the current state of LSAT accommodations since the topic was discussed in episode 43.

We tackle Logical Reasoning question 10 (Section 2) from the June 2007 LSAT.

Camilla asks what ranges we recommend for reach, target and safety when using the LSAC calculator and the percentage it gives.

Two listeners ask if they should spend time reviewing questions/answers they got correct, or just those that were incorrect.

Chris is heading into the final stretch before the December LSAT. He asks if we’ve seen patterns among students who have experienced test-day score drops compared to their practice test scores. Similarly, Courtney asks if we have suggestions for how to improve her test-day score to match her practice scores.

Chris asks if he should drill specific question types, or continue taking mixed sections to help strengthen the question gaps and understanding. In addition, he asks for suggestions to go from the low 160s to high 160s. Ben suggests using the Strategy Prep question tracker to help with this.

Finally, Courtney is seeking additional test materials to complete her LSAT preparations.

If you’re interested in reviewing a draft of Nathan’s Logic Games Playbook, send him an email and he’ll be in touch!

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