• Nathan Fox

Episode 16: Strategies for LSAT Practice Success

Nathan has a follow-up tutoring session with Ebony, a student from Dallas, Texas. When we were first introduced to Ebony, she was struggling with a learning disability and was unsure how it would impact her LSAT performance.

In the time after her initial meeting with Nathan, Ebony put into practice the following strategies:

  • Don’t skip the early questions

  • Take practice test from a current book LSAT exam (Ebony used Volume 5)

  • Practice logic games from older tests

  • Slow down at the end and focus on accuracy (even if you don’t finish)

  • Skip the science-themed reading comprehension sections if needed

By only working on these strategies, Ebony’s practice LSAT scores increased from 152 to 157! She went from answering 32 Logical Reasoning questions correctly to 40; and 16 correct Reading Comprehension questions to 21.

In this episode, Nathan and Ebony also review Logical Reasoning questions and how to approach those for correct answers. They also discuss how to use Fox LSAT online videos to enhance her LSAT practice sessions.

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