• Ben Olson

Episode 31: Will My Summer Job Help Me Get Into Law School?

In this week’s podcast, we work through Logical Reasoning questions from the June 2007 LSAT and we’ll share an update on our upcoming Thinking LSAT Logic Games Playbook. We also answer the following questions from LSAT students across the country:

Is graduating from college in three years going to hurt my chances of getting into law school?

Will my choice of summer jobs help me get into law school? For example, will I be looked upon more favorably if I am a legal intern at a district attorney’s office versus working as a barista?

Do I need to abstain from drinking alcohol before taking the LSAT?

Do you have any tips for lessening eye fatigue or “LSAT headaches” when taking practice LSAT tests?

Take a listen and let us know what you think.

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