• Ben Olson

Episode 34: How to Handle Panic Before the June LSAT

In this week’s podcast, which commemorates our one year anniversary of the Thinking LSAT Podcast, we share an update on the Thinking LSAT Logic Games Playbook. We also address the following issues from LSAT students across the country:

Kayli (who is taking the June LSAT) had questions about applying to law school as a “splitter” (i.e. a person with a high LSAT score and low GPA, or vice versa). She asked, “If you’re below the 25th percentile for the GPA or LSAT, do you have to be in the 75th percentile for the other component?”

Do you have any recommendations for practicing the ungraded writing sample section of the LSAT? Be sure to listen for Ben’s rubric to help you craft your essay.

Joe has been taking multiple practice tests (and tracking his performance) as he gears up for the June LSAT. He asks for tips to work through the last-minute panic and test anxiety he’s starting to feel before the June test.

Take a listen and let us know what you think.

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