• Ben Olson

Episode 38: Should You Select a Law School Based on Bar Exam Passage Rates or Tuition Costs?

In this week’s podcast, we answer the following LSAT questions and whether to select a law school based on bar exam passage rates:

Mike asks how to address “uncommon word usages” on the LSAT. For example, the word “obtain” appears frequently. What other words should LSAT test-takers look for?

Matt is taking the October LSAT. He slowed down his approach to answering Logical Reasoning questions, which has significantly improved his accuracy. When should he increase his speed to answer more questions while still maintaining accuracy?

Nathan’s student was admitted to Golden Gate University School of Law (46% bar passage rate) and University of La Verne College of Law (67% bar passage rate). Should he select a law school based on bar exam passage rates or the cost of tuition?

Bram just started studying for the LSAT. He asks about a strategy for answering different sections, recommendations for a LSAT class in Atlanta, and whether he should break Logic Games questions into “sub-games” or “worlds.”

Take a listen and let us know what you think.

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