• Nathan Fox

Episode 45: Law School Early Decision Programs and an October LSAT Horror Story

Ann Levine, Law School Expert, talks about whether law school early decision programs are worth exploring. She also addresses whether law schools can see if you’ve applied to multiple schools via early decision.

Joe shares an October LSAT test-day horror story that involved the use of an analog watch during the test. He asks advice on how to address the situation with LSAC.

Listener Kayle talks about an offer she received from a law school in Alabama that included a waiver of her application fee and a $30 iTunes gift card in exchange for her application to the school. She asks if other law schools are engaging in these offers.

After scoring in the mid-teens on Logic Games, Steve asks for help and suggestions for additional Logic Games study materials.

One listener doesn’t feel confident about his most recent score with respect to Reading Comprehension. He already took the LSAT once and scored a 162. He asks if he should take the December LSAT, and what are the implications of taking the LSAT for a third time. He also asks about the option of cancelling his score and if we have suggestions for additional comparative reading materials.

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