• Nathan Fox

Episode 49: Should a Student Retake the LSAT After Getting a Score of 171?

One listener has a full-time job, a diagnostic score of 165 and wants to take the June LSAT. She plans to study now, take a break during her busy season at work, and then re-start studying in the spring. Is this a workable study strategy?

Should this listener retake the LSAT after getting a score of 171 on the October test?

A listener from Brazil is studying for the LSAT and has taken five practice tests with scores ranging from 153 to 166. He asks the following questions: Do I have a chance at a scholarship (even with a lower GPA) at a good school? Is a 175 score feasible? Does being an international student make a difference for law school admission?

We also tackle Logical Reasoning question 12 (Section 2) from the June 2007 LSAT.

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