• Ben Olson

Episode 52: Questions From Listeners and a Conversation With Immigration Attorney Nikki Black

Arnold took the LSAT in October and December 2015, and ended up raising his score to 174. We talk about retaking the LSAT, the third Logic Game on the December LSAT, and how actual LSAT scores compare to practice exams. (5:24)

Hannah has a question about an application fee waiver. She took the December LSAT and improved ten points to 163. She received an email from Georgetown inviting her to apply, but the school will not waive the application fee. Hannah asks: Is this an indication she may be admitted? Should she apply? (39:38)

Sydney asks how to create an affordable, self-led study schedule to bring her LSAT score to 170 or above. She is currently taking a prep class and working full time, and received a 161 on the December LSAT. We talk about the importance of practicing for the LSAT every day. Here’s an article that speaks to that concept, as well as Ben’s daily commitment calendar that will help you stick to your schedule. (47:20)

Oscar shares with us his experience applying for and receiving LSAT accommodations after listening to our episodes about the subject. (57:48)

Finally, Nathan interviews Nikki Black, an immigration attorney who talks about her experience attending law school and being happy as a lawyer. If you’d like to reach out to Nikki, you can send her an email or connect via Twitter at @nikkimarieblack. (1:17:40)

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