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Episode 59: Nathan Interviews ‘The Hustler,’ Alison Monahan

In Episode 59, Nathan interviews Alison Monahan: Columbia Law School graduate, co-creator of The Law School Toolbox and Bar Exam Toolbox programs and podcast, and creator of The Girl’s Guide to Law School.

10 Things You’ll Hate About Alison Monahan:

10- Nathan nicknamed her “The Hustler.” So awesome. (0:55)

9- She could have gone to medical school without taking the MCAT. (2:55)

8- She decided she wanted to go to law school, took the LSAT a few weeks later, and scored a 170 out of the gate. (12:25)

7- She couldn’t get laid off during the recession in 2010, even though she begged her boss to do it. (31:00)

6- Every day for a year, Alison woke up, asked herself what she felt like doing that day, and did that. (33:00)

5- She’s already lived in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles.

4- She now spends her summers in Mexico City and her winters in San Francisco. (37:30)

3- She also shares a ski cabin with friends in Tahoe. (46:00)

2- She gets to drink beer with Nathan. (56:00)

1-That, despite making you feel lazy and inadequate, you can’t hate Alison at all–she is too awesome! Alison knows her life is amazing, and she wants to help you make your life remarkable too. Check out her programs and tweet her for all your bar prep/law school/workplace needs.

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