• Nathan Fox

Episode 60: An Alaskan voyage to the LSAT and an Interview with Attorney/Sportswriter Jeff Todd

After months of anticipation and teasers from Nathan, The Fox LSAT Logic Games Playbook is now available! Check it out here and start crushing all those games. (3:10)

Ed, a far-flung listener from Meyers Chuck, Alaska describes the unique route he will be taking to get to the LSAT testing center, and asks for advice on how to stay focused after the expedition. We discuss his questions and pose some of our own–what’s the Airbnb situation in Juneau? Does the pet deposit cover the entire sled dog team or just individual dogs? (7:20)

We spend time working through Logical Reasoning questions #20 (starting at 21:15) and #21 (at 33:25) from the June 2007 LSAT. Download the free test and try it for yourself, then listen in as we discuss them.

Nathan interviews Jeff Todd, a Harvard Law School graduate who left his position at a prestigious law firm to write for MLBTradeRumors.com. Hear Jeff discuss his decisions, his life now, and his sage advice to Thinking LSAT listeners. (55:00)

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