• Nathan Fox

Episode 62: Dear Thinking LSAT…

Did you take the June LSAT? Are you freaking out about your performance?? If you answered yes, we encourage you to slow down, take a deep breath, and refrain from any drastic decisions about canceling your score. (4:05)

“Overwhelmed Dad” in South Texas emails a series of questions regarding his potential career shift from high school history teacher to lawyer. Worried about his ability to balance work, law school, and a newborn baby, Overwhelmed wants to know what advice we can share to help him be successful in his endeavor. (5:45)

“Anxious and Anonymous” writes in to admit he disregarded our [totally awesome] advice and read LSAT forums even after receiving a great offer letter from his top choice law school. Now questioning whether he set his sights high enough, Anxious is considering turning down this offer and starting the application process over next year. (36:20)

We work through two Logical Reasoning questions from the June 2007 Official LSAT. Question #23 is a Sufficient Assumption problem that uses big, heady abstractions to confuse test-takers and Question #24 tests how well you understood the question and predicted an answer. To play along at home, pause at 46:20 for #23 and at 1:06 for Question #24.

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