• Ben Olson

Episode 63: True Grit, Grititude, and It Looks Like We Made Grit

Ben recommends Grit by Angela Duckworth, a book that could help with your LSAT prep and studying mindset. In that same vein, he mentions episode 202 of the podcast “The Art of Manliness,” which discusses the effort and commitment required to achieve a goal. (5:27)

Next, a barrage of emails (3 can be a barrage, right??) from listeners who want to thank Thinking LSAT for helping them achieve their LSAT goals. Mike channeled Nathan’s zen to overcome test day stress (13:43), Jeff realized LSAT success was more than a matter of innate ability (18:10), and Taylor used the podcast for hands-free studying while hiking in Spain (34:40). We also answer Taylor’s questions about how to improve her score in Reading Comprehension.

At long last, we answer the final question in Section 2 of the June 2007 LSAT! Question #25 is a Logical Reasoning problem that demands an explanation of facts that don’t seem to line up. Download the free June 2007 test and play along as we solve the puzzle and wrap up this section. (52:58)

Are you looking for an LSAT prep class in the Los Angeles area? Nathan has an upcoming Fox test prep class in LA with room for more students! Reach out to him for more information on the course and registration for the class. (1:07)

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