• Ben Olson

Episode 76: How’s She Goin’, Eh?

Episode 76 is a nod to our Northern neighbors as Nathan records from Toronto, Ontario and we’re joined by Graeme Blake from Montreal, founder of LSAT Hacks. So kick off your ice hockey skates, grab a big mug of maple syrup, and listen in to the last episode before tomorrow’s LSAT exam!

An article from the Wall Street Journal claims the American Bar Association is working on a rule that will revoke accreditation from law schools with bar passage rates of less than 75%. We discuss the article, the possible unintended consequences of such a rule, and our ideas for more useful changes the ABA could make. (4:28)

Listener Matt asks for tips on staying focused during the Reading Comprehension section of the test. Ben suggests breaking sentences up into even smaller chunks and Nathan advises rereading any part that isn’t sinking in fully. We both tell Matt to learn to recognize when his mind is drifting early on so he can stop and re-focus without wasting time. (19:00)

Kurt emails about finding the best law school to attend for certain specialties he might want to practice. Our advice is to disregard any rankings he finds regarding a schools’ specialties and instead choose the best school for the lowest cost in the location you would like to practice in. (30:16)

We spend the second half of this episode working on two Logical Reasoning problems from the June 2007 LSAT. To play at home just download the free test, work through Section 3, Questions 10 and 11, and listen in as we discuss the solutions in detail. (#10 at 45:00 and #11 with Graeme at 1:05:30)

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