• Nathan Fox

Paradoxical Beans

Test 1 - Section 4 - Question 17

Logical Reasoning

Difficulty: 3

Beans! Haha. I've never seen this question before, even though I've been doing LSAT for over a decade. I wish they had more silly topics like this one. If I was writing the LSAT every question would be about aliens, dinosaurs, beans—idk, all sorts of bitchin' stuff. Instead, these nerds mostly write about poetry and art criticism. Come on LSAC. Step up your game.

Anyway, it's a Paradox… EXCEPT question, so the four wrong answers will each offer a satisfying explanation to the paradox. The correct answer could be irrelevant, or might even make the paradox worse. 

Step one is to understand the mystery. (It's pretty hard to explain a mystery if you don't even know what you're supposed to be solving.) Here, it's pretty clear. How can R-Bar Beans win a survey of all brands, across all age groups, but sell fewer cans than its competitor brands? 

My instant prediction here was price. If R-Bar is the best but costs $50 per can, it's pretty easy to see that most folks would choose a less luxurious bean.

A) Nailed it. This is a great explanation. Everyone can see that. 

B) This does nothing, so it's probably the correct answer. It's a fact that R-Bar was the best bean across all age groups. Who cares if the 70-year olds only preferred R-Bar by a tiny amount, while 80-year olds preferred R-Bar by a landslide? How does that explain why R-Bar isn't selling as well as its inferior competitor beans?

C) This is a fine explanation. If R-Bar has only a limited distribution area, that explains how the other brands are outselling this vastly superior bean.

D) Sure, this explains it too. If R-Bar is like "our premium beans shall not be sullied by sharing shelf space with other lowly species of bean," then stores might be like "yeah, get out of here you weirdos" and choose variety over the one true bean. 

E) This is also a good explanation. R-Bar is superior, but R-Bar is new to the market. Soon, R-Bar will take over the world. For now, the inferior beans are still selling.

The correct answer is B because it's the only one that doesn't explain R-Bar's tepid sales in light of its stellar reviews. Get more of these explanations from the LSAT Demon