• Nathan Fox

Popcorn - it Must Be True

Test 5 - Section 3 - Question 23

Logical Reasoning

Difficulty: 5


Y'all kids will never believe this, but people used to pop popcorn USING THEIR ACTUAL STOVE AND A PAN WITH OIL IN IT. Growing up, my mom and dad made us popcorn like that every Friday night when I was watching Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider back-to-back. Ah, the good old days.

Anyway, the argument here goes "microwave popcorn costs a lot more, so people must be willing to pay for convenience." But microwave popcorn might also be better in other ways. Maybe it tastes better? Maybe it's healthier? Maybe it's harder to burn? If any of those things were true, they might be a better explanation of why people are willing to pay up for microwave popcorn.

The question is just a Must Be True, so all we're looking for is something that's been proven true by the given statement.

A) We don't know this. There are 75 different brands, but it's almost certain that that crafty old fucker Orville Redenbacher has a chokehold on the popcorn market. We have no evidence to believe he doesn't, so we can't pick this answer.

B) Nah. There could be 5,000 different brands of microwave pizza for all we know. 

C) Volume? Show me a fact about volume, I dare you.

D) Well yeah. Microwave popcorn takes 3 minutes or less. More money is spent on microwave popcorn than any other microwaved food. So more money is spent on shit that takes people 3 minutes or less than stuff that takes longer. Peeps gots the munchies y'all. What.

E) No. There could be 5,000 brands of microwave pizza.

The correct answer is D because it's the only one proven by the given statement. All the other ones could be false.

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