• Nathan Fox

The Flaw of Stopping Space-Scientists

Test 33 - Section 3 - Question 15

Logical Reasoning

Difficulty: 3


The problem with this logic is that a spacecraft conducting "crucial experiments" might be totally helpful or necessary in a million different ways. What if they're doing experiments on how to save the ozone layer? Or stop global warming? Or cure cancer? Or get that goddamn U2 album I never even bought off my iPhone? You know, "crucial," life-changing matters.

Meanwhile, let's talk about the "average" factory. You know what the "average" factory makes? Garbage, that's what. Like Jack-in-the-Box antennae balls and Halo Top ice cream and avocado slicers and all other manner of unnecessary awful crap. Every factory that makes any bullshit like this is definitely unjustified. Let's start by shutting those down first before we start fucking with the space-scientists saving our lives, okay?

A) Yeah man. The average factory makes actual garbage and the space scientists are doing important space-scientist shit. That's "different in a critical respect." 

B) Nah. "Generalization on the basis of a single instance" would be like "Prince was 5'2" therefore all rockstars are hella short." Demon user Alisha M counters that "the environmentalists are basing their thoughts on ONE trip by the spacecraft," but saying "a single trip does this much harm" isn't a generalization. That they mean is that every trip does this much harm. (They're stating that as a premise, not saying "because one trip did this much harm, all trips do this much harm.")

C) The argument is only about preventing harmful effects. "Reversing" harmful effects isn't mentioned, or necessary for the argument. 

D) Nah. The environmentalist isn't comparing "quantities" other than the damage that's done by a spacecraft and the damage that's done by a factory. Those quantities are comparable. It's just that the things doing the damage are vastly different in other ways.

E) What? The environmentalist doesn't even come close to doing this. 

The correct answer is A because it points out the fact that a typical factory pumping out trash shouldn't be compared to freakin geniuses in actual space trying to save us via experiments our tiny brains could never even comprehend. 

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