• Matt Kim

Demon Virtual LSAT Checklist

Complete these steps before your practice test.

Before Your Test

  1. Can you log in to your LSAT Demon account?

  2. Do you have an active Demon subscription? New Student: Start a one-week free trial. Current Student: You should have access until your test date. Former Student: Start a paid subscription on billing page.

  3. Find Timed Tests: Click on LSAT Demon > Menu > Timed Test > Join Group.

  4. If you’re using an iPad (or iPhone), use Safari, not Chrome. Otherwise, use Chrome.

  5. Before the test starts, we’ll email you the Zoom meeting invitation. Download Zoom to your computer or the app to your phone.

  6. Ideally, take the test on your laptop or tablet, and join the Zoom meeting on your phone. If necessary, you can both join Zoom and take your test on your laptop.

After You Join Zoom

  1. Arrive early and log into Zoom and LSAT Demon.

  2. Go to Timed Tests > Join Group.

  3. The proctor will guide you through the test. The test is five 35-minute sections. After the third section, you will get a 15-minute break.

  4. For accommodated test takers, you can't modify the time. But you can take a self-proctored test on your own by clicking on “New Test” rather than “Join Group.” This self-proctored test will be only four sections.

  5. We’ll tell you which official test we’re taking in the RSVP email. Just like the official LSAT, you’ll get an experimental section at some point during the test. Don’t ask the proctor which section is the experimental section until the test is over.

  6. To change your test or experimental section, click on LSAT Demon > Timed Tests > Join Group > Your Group > Modify before the test starts. Free trial users: You can take the assigned test or select a test from 1-41. Demon subscribers: You can take the assigned test or select a test from 1-61. Premium subscribers: You can take the assigned test or select a test from 1-86. If you need to change your test after the test begins, select “Leave Group Test” from the menu in the top left-corner. Then click Join Group > Your Group > New.

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