LSAT Demon Team
April 15, 2024

US News Law School Rankings 2024-2025

The 2024-2025 US News Law School Rankings brought significant changes across the board. 

Amidst the buzz of the latest US News Law School Rankings, it’s crucial to ponder: do these rankings even matter? While they undoubtedly hold sway, they shouldn’t be the sole compass guiding your school selection journey.

US News considers a plethora of factors to determine each school’s overall score. Employment rates (33%), bar passage statistics (25%), assessments from peers and legal professionals (25%), standardized test scores (5%), acceptance rates (1%), student-faculty ratios (5%), and library resources (2%) all contribute to a school’s standing. Visit US News for the complete methodology.

As you peruse the rankings, remember to take a holistic view. Consider how each institution aligns with your personal and professional goals. After all, choosing the right law school isn’t just about its rank. 

Biggest Winners:

  1. University of Virginia: Moved up 4 spots, landing in a tie for the 4th position
  2. William & Mary Law School: Jumped 9 spots from 45th to 36th
  3. University of Connecticut: Climbed 16 spots to 55th
  4. Pennsylvania State University, Dickinson Law: Improved by 14 spots to 75th

Biggest Losers:

  1. New York University (NYU): Dropped from 5th to 9th
  2. Emory University and University of California, Irvine: Both fell 7 spots to 42nd
  3. UC Law, San Francisco (formerly Hastings): Plunged 22 spots to 82nd
  4. Stetson University: Decreased by 14 spots to 98th
  5. University of Miami and Texas Tech University: Both dropped 11 spots to 82nd

Overall Observations:

For more visit U.S. News Rankings.