Law School Admissions

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LSAT Prep and Writing Sample

The first step in the law school admissions process is getting a great LSAT score. Click here to learn about the test. Then check out LSAT Demon to start studying smarter.

As part of the LSAT, you'll need to do a writing sample. Here are some tips and a model sample.

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Personal Statements, Resumes, and Addenda

After you've got a great LSAT score, you'll need to start writing your personal statement and resume. You may also want to write addenda and a diversity statement.

We've got you covered. Check out our Episode Archives for tips and Berkeley's advice (Ben and Nathan approved). Here's an article with an overview on admissions.

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Assessing Schools and Tuition Costs

We don't recommend looking at U.S. News Rankings when assessing schools. Why? Listen to our interviews with Prof. Ben Barton, Kyle McEntee, and Aaron Taylor.

We recommend these resources so you can better understand the cost of law school: