Matt • 171

“After scoring a 152 on a diagnostic practice test, I used Nathan & Ben's methods to improve by 19 points to a 171. I received 13 full ride offers and now attend the University of Maryland for free. Now I teach at LSAT Demon to help other students do the same.” #DontPayForLawSchool

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Logic Games

Learn all about Logic Games, discover helpful strategies, and practice games for free.

The easiest way to improve your LSAT score is to improve at Logic Games.

Try a few games. When you're ready for more, head over to LSAT Demon to practice games from every official LSAT.

Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning tests your ability to understand, improve, and destroy arguments. What makes an argument valid? How do you find logical inconsistencies? What are the LSAT's most common reasoning flaws?

Click below to learn all about the LSAT's Logical Reasoning section and practice actual Logical Reasoning questions.

Reading Comprehension

Many students harbor the misconception that they can't improve their reading skills. Not true.

Ben & Nathan's straightforward approach to Reading Comprehension will improve your LSAT score and equip you with skills you'll need in law school and beyond.

LSAT Strategies

Enough gimmicks and unhelpful tips. The LSAT is easy. Let us prove it to you.

Click below to learn the best way to master this test—with good study habits that hone specific skills one question at a time.

What Students Are Saying

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Greta • 170 (+3)

“I was able to raise my score from a 167 to a 170 in one month using only resources I found on LSAT Demon. I cannot imagine having had a better study tool.”

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Julien • 180 (+24)

“This is by far the best system for anyone who is serious about improving their score. It is the ultimate addition to any self-study plan and fulfills all the needs of a prep course without the price tag.”

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Eva • 170 (+21)

“Thanks to the Demon and Nathan's hilarious explanations, I made a 170 on the LSAT! I only regret that I didn't start using it sooner. I can't recommend the LSAT Demon enough.”