LSAT Strategies

Test-wide LSAT Strategies

A few key strategies apply to the whole test. No matter what level you’re currently at, master these strategies to improve your LSAT score from bad to average and from good to great.

How to Increase Your Speed

Wondering how to get faster on the LSAT? Ask a better question. If you try to increase your speed without first increasing your accuracy, you’ll stumble through the section or crash and burn. Ignore the clock—accuracy must come first. Learn how to increase your speed without compromising accuracy or understanding here.

Predicting Answers

Making strong predictions before reading the answer choices will help you improve your score on every LSAT section. Some people call this step “pre-phrasing.” We call it “realizing how repetitive and predictable the LSAT is.” Learn how to predict correct answer choices here.

Improving Reading Comprehension

If your LSAT score isn’t improving, you probably need to strengthen your reading skills. Reading Comprehension isn’t the only section of the LSAT that tests your ability to understand what you’re reading. Becoming a better reader is the single most important strategy to improve your LSAT score. Learn how to do this here.

Practice Makes Perfect

You can read about LSAT theory and strategies all you want, but at the end of the day, the only way to get better at the LSAT is to practice real LSAT questions. Over 10,000 questions from past official LSATs are available to practice. When you apply to law school, you will be competing with peers who have completed all or most of the available practice material. Head over to LSAT Demon to start drilling questions from every LSAT ever published (with written and video explanations for each one). Meet the Demon’s awesome team of LSAT teachers, sign up for live classes, or book a tutoring consultation to kickstart your LSAT journey today.

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Getting Better at Logical Reasoning

Start with the Passage, NOT the Question Stem

Unless you’re brand new to the LSAT, you’ve likely heard other LSAT prep companies recommend reading the question stem first in Logical Reasoning. Read this article to understand (1) why reading the question first is counterproductive and (2) how to tackle Logical Reasoning more effectively. 

Accept the Premise(s) but Attack the Conclusion

On Logical Reasoning, your job isn’t to argue with the premises of any argument. You have to accept them as true, no matter how silly they seem.

But you don’t have to accept the conclusion. Most of the time, the premises won’t even come close to proving the conclusion. Learn to identify and attack argumentative weaknesses, and your Logical Reasoning score will skyrocket. Read more here.

Understand Conditional Statements

Could you explain the difference between sufficient and necessary conditions to a 10-year-old? No? Read this article.

Resist the Urge to Diagram

If you can’t visualize conditional logic in your head, chances are you’ll get it wrong when you try to diagram it. Read why diagramming is an unhelpful approach, and learn what to do instead to get better at understanding arguments. Save diagramming for Logic Games.

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Reading Comprehension Strategies

The Three Keys to Reading Comprehension

Improve these key skills, and you’ll improve your Reading Comprehension score. No gimmicks, just genuine understanding. 

On Reading Comprehension, They're All "Must Be True"

Beware of jumping to conclusions: On Reading Comprehension, just like on every other section of the LSAT, everything you need to correctly answer each question is right there on the page. You don’t need to be an expert on the topic. Treat the information in the passage as evidence, and choose the answer that must be true based on that evidence. Read more here.

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Strategies for Logic Games

How to Diagram Logic Games

Your ability to effectively diagram a logic game on paper can make or break your ability to defeat that game. Click here to learn common setups for every kind of game you’ll see on the LSAT.

Our Advice on Approaching the Questions

It can be helpful to approach a game’s questions in a particular order. Let us show you why and how.

Making Worlds

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: The single most effective strategy to score perfectly on Logic Games is to master the art of making worlds. Here we show you what worlds are, how to make them, and why you need them in your LSAT toolkit.

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Apply What You've Learned

Theory alone won't get you far on your LSAT journey. Click below to practice sample questions, or head over to LSAT Demon to drill questions from every official LSAT.