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Don't pay for law school with Ben & Nathan's killer explanations

The LSAT Demon is the first and only AI-powered LSAT study tool from the Thinking LSAT Podcast hosts, Ben Olson and Nathan Fox. The Demon targets your weakest areas so you improve faster. It's the LSAT made easy! 


Sign up for a free account today, and complete your first exercise in minutes.  

The top 10 reasons to choose the LSAT Demon:


1. Our students rave about us. 

Here’s what they’re saying.


2. Save money. 

Starting at only $95 a month, our rates are lower than any comparable course from a big name company. And if you have an LSAC fee waiver, you can get four months of our Demon plan for a one-time fee of $30—or, if you prefer, 20% off any monthly plan. Learn more here


3. Over 30+ hours of live instruction available every week. 

As a Live subscriber, you’ll have access to over 30+ hours of live instruction every week to choose from. We have several classes on different topics at various levels, seven days a week. Each one is recorded and uploaded, in case you can’t make it.


4. Smart drilling. 

The Demon uses AI to give you customized practice problems to target your “just right” level of difficulty—not too hard, not too easy. Our analytics will identify your weaknesses based on your study history. Our AI generated drilling is the fastest way to improve your skills.


5. You'll join a community of like-minded students.

At the LSAT Demon, we’re a family. You’ll meet other students who are also on their law school journey, and you might even end up at the same school as some of them!


6. Access to 24/7 help. 

Not only do we offer multiple live classes every day, if you ever come across a question you don’t understand you can hit the Ask button and one of our tutors will respond within 24 hours with a killer written explanation.


7. A real relationship with your instructors. 

We care not only about our students' test results, but also their educational and professional careers. You’ll never feel anonymous in our classes, and we’ll see you through to test day and far beyond. We hope to remain friends, colleagues, and collaborators with our students.


8. We can actually teach. 

I graduated from law school, but my passion is teaching. At the Demon, all of our teachers love what they do—and the results show it.


9. Every teacher scored in the high 99th percentile. 

Check them out here.


10. Everything is at your fingertips. 

Since everything is online, you will have access to the Demon anywhere you go. You’re not limited to one city, place, or in-person classroom.

Tutoring is better with the Demon, and the Demon is better with tutoring.

Find out what LSAT score you need to not pay for law school.

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