• Nathan Fox

Ep. 182: The artist formerly known as Grouping Games

Nathan Fox March 4, 2019 5

Between Ben getting snubbed by his neighbors at the ABA and Nathan booking talks around the country, there’s never a dull moment in the Thinking LSAT world. Today, the guys cover tips, tricks, and other FUNdamentals for Logic Games that have grouping elements. If you’ve ever had to figure out who to invite to your wedding and then where to seat the poor souls, then you know what we’re talking about. And if you’ve ever had to solve a problem like that on the LSAT, you REALLY know what we’re talking about. The guys also review a weekly bit of LSAT wisdom, and tear into a listener’s personal statement.


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Upcoming Thinking LSAT Events

3/6/19 – The guys are going LIVE in cyberspace once again. This time? Tune into Instagram this Wednesday to ask your questions in real time. 1:30 EST, 10:30 Pacific. RSVP and ask your question in advance here.  

3/11/19 – Next Monday, Nathan will be at UC Berkeley to give a talk about changes coming to the LSAT in 2019. Come hang with Nathan! That talk begins at 7PM in Evans 70. RSVP here.

3/16 – 3/17/19 – The guys are at it again, delivering a joint Thinking LSAT Live prep course. This time it’s in Las Vegas, and seats are filling up quickly. If you’re ramping up to take the March, June or July tests, this is a great way to grab some pearls of wisdom before heading into your test. Register here for a weekend of comprehensive LSAT prep and Thinking LSAT shenanigans in LVNV.

In April, Ben and Nathan are each  roaming the country, spreading the good LSAT word. Catch his talk about changes coming to the LSAT at:

4/8/19 – Nathan @ UNLV @ 7pm. RSVP here.

4/14/19 – Ben @ UVA, New Cabell Hall 232 @ 4pm. RSVP here.

4/23/19 – Nathan @ Seattle U, Hunt 110, @ 12:30pm. RSVP here.

5:38 – Demon Update

Ben gives some updates on the latest features and feedback with regards to the LSAT Demon. They’ve added explanations an tab to the menu. They’ve fixed a bug that prevented some users from seeing the 4th passage and 4th game explanations, and more!

10:28 – At Nathan’s recent talk in SLC, he met up with show producer, Sarah, and the two got to chatting about fun things to offer the Thinking LSAT community. They thought it would be pretty badass to put together a “best of” Thinking LSAT, based on YOUR favorite moments from the show. Let us know your favorite pieces of advice, stories or moments that made you laugh, or anything else you’ve loved from the show’s 180+ episodes. Send your suggestions to help@thinkingLSAT.com !

12:06 – The guys give a PSA about re-taking the LSAT. Commonly, poor anxious listeners will write in worried about re-taking the LSAT to reach for a better score. Won’t schools look down on too many attempts? What if I re-take and get a worse score? These are the questions that keep our dear lawyers-to-be up at night, sharpening their plentiful collections of pencils. Nathan tells the story of a former student who had a 172 on record and wanted to re-take to go for a higher score to improve her odds of getting into Stanford. But on the day of the test, the proctor forgot to give a 5-minute warning, causing our hero to miss out on a final question and miss out on bubbling in guesses for unanswered questions. Major bummer. LSAC called and offered the student the opportunity to cancel her score, sight unseen, without any penalty. Tune in to hear what happened next, and to hear some helpful application tips from the guys.  

22:23 – LSAT FUNdamentals