• Nathan Fox

Ep. 251: The Tip of the Spear

As the summer gets going and the pandemic wears on, it seems likely that more LSAT-Flex tests will be scheduled. And there are some pretty important things you should know when heading into a remote testing environment. The guys kick off the show with some helpful LSAT-Flex public service announcements to make sure you’re set up for success (and comfort) on the day of your test. Nathan and Ben also discuss how a global pandemic is affecting admissions cycles, they tackle an LR question from prep test 65, and they answer a question from a high school senior about when to start prepping for the LSAT. Plus, the guys hear a success story from a past listener, and they read another email from Dean Faigman of UC Hastings.

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Important Dates

6.30.2020 – The June LSAT-Flex scores are released

7.12.2020 – The week of the July LSAT-Flex

7.15.2020 – It’s the registration deadline for the August LSAT

7.30.2020 – Fingers crossed! July LSAT-Flex scores are released

8.29.2020 – Can you beat the heat?! It’s the August LSAT!

3:47 – Nathan’s Pop-Up Game Night

This Wednesday night (6.24.2020), Nathan is offering a one-time (for now) game night to Demon Live subscribers. Grab yourself a snack, a cocktail, a cup o’ tea—whatever you dig—and bring any Logic Game you’d like to tackle. You can solve the game alongside Nathan at some point during the evening—RSVP here!

5:06 – Three PSAs

Ben and Nathan have three public service announcements for your LSAT enjoyment.

1. Extended hotel stays on LSAC. Faithful listeners will know that LSAC is offering hotel vouchers to students who need a quiet space and stable internet to take the LSAT-Flex. But here’s the rub. Some students will have LSAT-Flex test times that fall before check-in and after check-out for a given hotel stay. And the LSAC has agreed to extend your stay to two nights if this is the case.

2. The timer starts as soon as the test starts. Some students have been caught unawares by the fact that on the digital LSAT—and the LSAT-Flex—the 35-minute timer begins as soon as the instructions are displayed on the screen. Don’t get stuck reading the instruction manual while the clock is ticking! Jump past the instruction screen and start digging into those questions.

3. LSAT Writing faux pas. When you’re sitting for LSAT Writing, make sure you show the proctor both sides of your writing paper. The proctor may dock you some points or require you to retake this portion of the test if you don’t do it. Who knows what kinds of tips and tricks you may have scrawled on the other side of the page?!

15:30 – COVID-19 Affecting Admission Cycle?

Oscar’s had his eye on the news. And he’s seeing lots of reports flying about the new coronavirus; businesses are opening up, people are out on the streets, and the imminent danger seems to have passed, right? So now Oscar’s wondering how the evolving pandemic might affect the upcoming law school admissions cycle. The guys take a look at data available and note that LSAT test signups have dropped by approximately 25-35% and they make some predictions about the 2020-2021 school year as well as the admissions cycle for the 2021-2022 school year. Nathan and Ben also do some ranting about the pandemic, the political response, and whether the virus is really winding down. Nathan refers to