• Nathan Fox

Ep. 255: Law School Transparency with Kyle McEntee

In this episode, Nathan and Ben sit down with attorney and public policy expert Kyle McEntee to discuss his non-profit, Law School Transparency. The mission of Law School Transparency is to make the process of becoming a lawyer more transparent, affordable, and fair. The guys talk to Kyle about how the law school game has changed over the past decade and explore his data-centric approach to choosing a law school (and a career path once you’re there).

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Important Dates

7.30.2020 – Fingers crossed! July LSAT-Flex scores are released

8.21.2020 – If you hope to take the LSAT early in the cycle, this is your chance. It’s the deadline to register for the October LSAT.

8.29.2020 – Don’t sweat it. It’s just the August LSAT.

3:59 – Meet Kyle McEntee of Law School Transparency

Get introduced to Kyle McEntee. Lawyer. Podcaster. Pushing-For-Transparency-er. The guys talk to Kyle and discuss what led Kyle to create Law School Transparency. Like so many folks in the law school game today, his experiences in law school made him want to look deeper into what and law school report their data and advertise their programs.

14:04 – The Trouble with Law Schools

Ben and Nathan and Kyle discuss the issues with law schools today. They chat about how prices are inflated, how admissions policies aren’t geared towards a diverse and fairly taxed student body, and how the U.S. News Reports are a big part of the problem.

23:16 – Merit-Based Disasters

Nathan asks Kyle about how merit-based scholarships play a role in college admissions.

34:57 – LST Reports

Kyle gives an in-depth look at LST Reports, a paid service ($75) provided by Law School Transparency. LST Reports take ABA 509 data along with State Bar information and additional data from law schools and aggregate it into a report that can help you decide where you should consider applying to law school. The underlying philosophy is that where you want to practice law is the primary determinant for where you should go to school. The site also takes into account your personality type and goals to try and match you with a school that is best suited to give you your desired career outcome. The guys also discuss the meaning of “JD Advantage.”

57:02 – Ben Gets and LST Report

Ben walks through getting an LST report for someone who wants to practice law in Virginia or California, has a 3.5GPA and a 167 on the LSAT. Kyle gives Ben his (somewhat surprising) results. The guys talk about the results and reflect on the implications for would-be lawyers who want to achieve elite jobs.

Be sure to check out Kyle’s podcast, I Am The Law. The show takes a journalistic approach to reporting the day-to-day lives of lawyers. On each episode, Kyle interviews a different lawyer about what practicing law is actually like.