• Nathan Fox

Ep. 257: Aaron Taylor of AccessLex

Aaron Taylor, the Executive Director of the AccessLex Center for Legal Education Excellence, joins Nathan and Ben to discuss the current state of law schools—from the U.S. News Rankings and prepping students for the financial realities of law school, to administering the Bar exam during a pandemic. But before the guys dive in, they talk about some of the biggest news of the year: LSAC lost a bunch of July LSAT-Flex scores.

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Important Dates

8.21.2020 – Don’t sleep on it—it’s the deadline to register for the October LSAT

8.29.2020 – Can you beat the heat?! It’s the August LSAT!

6:52 – LSAC July Score Fail

Well the LSAC has really done it this time. A serious gaffe. A blunder. A realllll bungled, botched mess. It turns out LSAC lost, or failed to properly record, the July LSAT-Flex score for “a small number” of test-takers. Just imagine it, dear listeners. You bust your ass to study, you sign up for the test over a month in advance, you get your Proctor U shit squared away and then you absolutely effing SLAY the LSAT. Then you get an email weeks later saying that your answers weren’t recorded and there’s no way to give you a score. Your brain might leak out of your damn ears. Nathan and Ben dive into the nightmarish news. They read an official statement from LSAC and hear from two different students who had their efforts erased.

22:13 – 152 to 177!!!

Sara writes in to share her excitement and tell the tale of her journey from a 152 diagnostic to a 177 on the July LSAT-Flex. BadASS improvement, Sara! The LSAT Demon has served you well. Now all you need to do is grit your teeth and send your personal statement in for a proper critique.

25:06 – Interview with Aaron Taylor of AccessLex

Ben and Nathan sit down with Aaron Taylor of AccessLex for a broad discussion about the Bar exam in the time of COVID-19, law school access, law school rankings, the realities of becoming a lawyer, and more. AccessLex is an organization that conducts rigorous and actionable research into legal education. Their research is conducted to the end of affecting policies and practices at law schools that will benefit students. From their website:

We are steadfast in our commitment to inform students of the economic realities of law school without limiting their aspirations. We conduct and commission research to illuminate the latest data and evidence on the most critical issues facing legal education today. And we are resolute in our appeal to policymakers and influencers to take actions that make legal education work better for both students and society at large.

AccessLex Website

AccessLex Student Loan Calculator