• Nathan Fox

Ep. 297: Service to School with Nathan Lowry

Today’s show features an interview with Nathan Lowry of Service to School, a national nonprofit organization that provides guidance and resources to veterans applying for law school. Ben and Nathan also discuss a new Excuse of the Week and dig into the listener mailbag. Some common themes reappear: Don’t rush into law school. Take your time. Get the best LSAT score you can get. Go to the best law school that offers you a full scholarship.

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Important Dates

06.12.2021 – Break out the short sleeves, it’s the June LSAT-Flex testing week!

2:57 – Interview with Nathan Lowry

Nathan sits down with Nathan L, the co-director of JD Operations for Service to School—a national nonprofit that focuses on helping veterans attain higher education. The organization helps about 300 applicants per cycle, pairing them with ambassadors who provide advice on the whole application process, from test prep to admissions. Nathan and Nathan discuss the many parallels between military training and LSAT prep. Both require hard work, discipline, time commitment, sacrifice, and attention to detail. A willingness to respond to authority can also help—don’t argue with the teacher who scored 179 fifteen years ago and has taught the LSAT nonstop ever since. LSAT Demon is looking forward to a future partnership with Service to School! Check out their JD resources here.

26:15 – Logic Games Test Your Reading Comprehension Skills

Like the rest of the LSAT, logic games test your ability to understand what you read. Last week’s LSAT Demon newsletter lesson started with a brain teaser that included two questions: One, if the red clown gets out of the clown car before the blue clown, which one of the following must be true? Two, unless the red clown gets out of the clown car after the blue clown, each of the following could be false except. Nathan and Ben discuss how both of these questions are asking the exact same thing. But most students find the first question easy and the second one hard if not impossible. Why? Because they struggle to translate the wording.

32:45 – Excuse of the Week

“I’m not good at numbers.” This episode’s excuse of the week comes from a Demon student who missed a Sufficient Assumption question with a passage that said “X’s price went down while Y’s price went up, so Y must be more expensive.” This is not difficult, but some students immediately put up a “I don’t do math” wall when they see anything numbers-related. Ben suggests replacing the X and Y with something more concrete. Consider this example: The price of Teslas went down, while the price of Toyotas went up. Does that mean Toyotas must be more expensive? Of course not. It’s common sense. You don’t need to love math, but all lawyers need to understand relative claims. There’s not an area of law that doesn’t require some math at a basic level.

41:50 – 170 to 178 Made Possible by LSAT Demon