• Ben Olson

Episode 67: Or Am I…

Josh planned to retake the LSAT but then received a recommendation from his pre-law advisor not to do so; now Josh is confused about what he should do. We give him our own recommendation and decide that a retake is almost always a good idea. (10:07)

Tamra knows she is retaking the LSAT in September but is worried her score will be received too late to be considered at her top choice school by their early decision deadline. We compare the pros and cons of Tamra sending an application before her September scores are ready, then discuss how early the law school application truly needs to be sent in at all. (15:00)

FarmBoy has a 142 on his first practice test, ADD, and, we can only hope, an impressive collection of overalls. He emails to ask whether reading the question stem before the passage is always a bad idea or if, as he suspects, he might be an exception to this rule. (20:00)

Brett, a US Merchant Marine who alternates a month at home with a month at sea, is having an understandably hard time scheduling his LSAT. His current options are to take the test a month from now or a year from now, and we make our best recommendation by looking at his current practice scores. (30:28)

We continue Section 3 from the June 2007 LSAT, completely working through Logical Reasoning Questions #3 and #4. Download the free test here and try the questions, then listen in for our explanation. (42:30)

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