• Ben Olson

Episode 71: Who Killed the Electric LSAT?

Thinking LSAT gets political as we discuss the Trump-Clinton debate, and Nathan shares his surprising opinion on the outcome. Don’t worry if you’re not offended yet, we’ll discuss religion at the end of the show. (0:30)

A commercial break here for Nathan to plug his upcoming LSAT Boot Camps in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Get more information and sign up for a magical weekend with Nathan Fox. (8:28)

Tragically funny experiences from the September LSAT include distracting proctors and proctors who forget how to tell time, and a violation for going one second over in the Writing Sample section. We share some tips on avoiding these violations by wrapping up the sample quickly and clearly. (9:30)

Ben shares big news from the 2004 LSAC Report— a tablet-based LSAT will be released for testing in 2015!!! Oh wait, it wasn’t. We discuss the pros and cons (there aren’t any cons, actually) of such a test, and speculate on why it never happened. (23:40)

An email from Greg asks whether his advisor calling the September test “unusual” is accurate and what that might mean for the December LSAT he plans to take. (49:55)

Anonymous is concerned about inconsistency in his practice test scores. Ben says this is a super common experience and Nathan says this student is just not good enough at the LSAT yet. Either way, we agree speeding up is not the answer. (49:55)

We work on a Sufficient Assumption question from the June 2007 LSAT. To play at home just download the free test, work through Section 3, Question #5, and listen in as we discuss the problem in detail. (1:07:00)

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