• Ben Olson

Episode 73: Accomapocalypse

Nathan introduces a new Thinking LSAT feature: Really Dumb Move of the (September 2016) LSAT. A tutoring student of his receives the honors this time for discussing the test’s difficulty with a friend during break and then letting that discussion throw off her performance later. Honorable mention is awarded to a really loud wrist watch. (6:28)

Nathan recommends a Rolling Stone article, Why We’re Living in the Age of Fear. The piece discusses the discrepancy between how safe we feel and how safe we actually are in the world today. Check it out, especially if you’re feeling nervous about the outcome of today’s election. (18:40)

Ben, on the other hand, isn’t afraid of this election or guns or even of taking LSAT practice tests! We both urge listeners to take them early, take them often, and take your test prep to the next level. (24:15)

Listener questions include asking for advice on how to best use the time-and-a half accommodation, why we suggest planning for two test dates, and how to best write an addendum- what to include and what to leave out. We hear a happy update from Episode 62’s Overwhelmed Dad (39:00) and a sad update from listener Tom (46:50), hang in there, Tom!

Ben recommends two books that discuss some underrated traits, being messy and being a quitter. Messy presents the idea that some of the most successful and rewarding times in a person’s life happen when they aren’t planning and organizing perfectly. In Choose Yourself! Be Happy, Make Millions, Live the Dream, author James Altucher suggests quitting strategically and how it can improve your life. (1:02:00)

Cam asks about LSAT India’s prep tests and almost makes Ben swear. (1:23:00) Grace needs motivation to keep studying for her second LSAT attempt. (1:27:16)

We wrap up the episode with some stats on the podcast, a big thank you to all the listeners, and Ben speaking Japanese. Domo arigato Ben’s high school Japanese teacher! (1:35:00)

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