• Ben Olson

Episode 74: Trumpocalypse and the Silver Lining, wsg Ann Levine

Feeling down about the election/the country/the very fabric of your existence?? Fear not, dear listeners, Nathan knows what will turn that frown upside-down…more LSAT prep! In the wake of Trumpocalypse, he is offering a $200 discount on his online, on demand prep course. This offer ends November 15 so use code ‘Trumpocalypse’ to sign up, rock the LSAT, become a lawyer, and save us all! (7:40)

We receive a grateful email from “Leaf” who used the Thinking LSAT Podcast to keep herself entertained at the gym. She especially found Mike from Episodes 66 and 72.5 compelling, as she too struggles with over-preparation and score anxiety. We applaud her ‘beast-like’ work ethic and talk about the three R’s of LSAT prep-Review, Review, Review. Hopefully, a more thorough understanding of the toughest questions can provide Leaf with some peace of mind and her dream score. (8:38)

Namrada does well in the early sections of her practice tests but starts to fatigue as she goes on; she is worried about her stamina when it comes to taking an entire LSAT on test day. We recommend good sleep, deep breaths, and some chair yoga and to stay fresh and alert on the big day. (39:15)

Scott is great at finding flaws in Logical Reasoning problems, however he doesn’t always find the right flaw. Ben offers two stages of analysis for Flaw questions and Nathan advises Scott to slow down and consider all the answer choices before rushing into choosing one. (48:29)

We interview Law School Expert Ann Levine about trends she has noticed in this year’s admission cycle so far. She offers advice on Early Decision, application timelines, and school interviews. Ann also has a pep talk for those future lawyers who may be disappointed in Tuesday’s election results. (58:10)

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