• Ben Olson

Episode 75: The Ultimate Baller Move

Phillipe (not his real name and probably not the horse from Beauty and the Beast…probably) is wondering whether he should quit his full time job so he can focus on studying for the LSAT. We both advise against this drastic plan and encourage Phillipe to focus on the quality of his study time rather than the quantity. He also asks for suggestions on managing stress and fatigue and we share some of our favorite techniques. (7:30)

Brett is a 30 year old professional who has a 3.65 GPA, a 164 average practice LSAT score, and a clean bill of health after recovering from surgery for kidney cancer in August. We’re so glad to hear you’re cancer-free! As he prepares for the December LSAT, Brett worries his application will be submitted too late to be considered for the big scholarships that he needs to attend law school. We talk about when applications are considered “late” and what that means for scholarship opportunities. Nathan counsels Brett on baller negotiating tactics, while Ben suggests he include his cancer story as an addendum to his application. (28:16)

We work on two Logical Reasoning problems from the June 2007 LSAT. To play at home just download the free test, work through Section 3, Questions 8 and 9, and listen in as we discuss the solutions in detail. (#8 at 52:20 and #9 at 1:05:02)

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