• Ben Olson

Episode 77: Don’t Get Left Holding the Bar Bag

Nathan shares an email he received from David Faigman, Acting Chancellor and Dean of the University of California Hastings College of the Law. The email, sent to students and alumni of the program, discussed Hasting graduates’ “horrific result” on the July 2016 Bar exam. We talk about who and what is to blame for the low passage rate and what might be done to improve it. (2:36)

Arye asks the guys to explain why it’s better to read the question stimulus before reading the question stem. We discuss this and more from Arye, including score plateaus and preparing for the February LSAT. (12:35)

One of Nathan’s students recently took the LSAT in Mexico City and shares his impressions of the experience. He was very pleased with the helpful test proctors, less so with the restrooms, and completely mystified by the stickiness of his desk. (30:30)

Calvin emails to thank the show for test day tips he utilized while taking the December LSAT. Nathan’s insistence that there is no such thing as a “weird” Logic Game kept Calvin calm and confident when he encountered a new-looking game on the test. (31:48)

We continue working our way through the June 2007 LSAT with two more Logical Reasoning problems. To play at home just download the free test, work through Section 3, Questions 12 and 13, and listen in as we discuss the solutions in detail. (#12 at 37:20 and #13 at 49:06)

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