• Ben Olson

Episode 80: A Tale of Two Answer Choices

The (self-proclaimed) Greatest Podcast Hosts That God Ever Created discuss Donald Trump’s recent press conference. Ben wonders about people’s news and filter bubbles, while Nathan transforms current events into sufficient and necessary conditions. (0:30)

A 30-something listener is concerned about her chances of law school admittance and success. She needs advice on who to use for references, how to make her application stand out, and whether or not she can be a lawyer and still have a life outside of her career. The guys recommend she make the most of her age in her application, focusing on maturity and life experience to set herself apart. (13:30)

It was the best of answers, it was the second best of answers…an email from Canadian Nathan describes the trouble he’s having choosing the correct answer out of the two best answers in the Logical Reasoning sections. We discuss this common issue and what steps to take to overcome it. (31:38)

Lynn is only completing two of the four Logic Games sections on her practice tests and needs help speeding up. Nathan reiterates his past advice on accuracy vs. speed and encourages Lynn to slow down even more until she achieves 100% accuracy on all questions. (48:02)

An anonymous listener is worried she won’t be admitted to an LSAT testing center if her current hairstyle is radically different than the one on her uploaded ID. She also mentions she will soon be getting a “protective style,” a term that mystifies the hosts. The guys don’t know anything about natural hair, but they do know that supplementary photos and documentation, along with some charm, should convince the test proctor of this listener’s identity on test day. (58:50)

Peter, another 30-something listener, has a PhD in classical piano but is now considering a career in law. He studied for two months, got a 164 on the December LSAT, and thinks he can improve his score with more prep. Peter’s wondering if he should apply to schools now “just to see” whether he gets admission with the scholarship offers he wants or if he should wait until after retakes. Both Ben and Nathan start by begging him to remain in the field of music rather than become a lawyer. If that plea doesn’t convince him, then Peter should keep studying, take another LSAT, and wait to apply in the next cycle. (1:10:02)

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