• Ben Olson

Episode 81: Don’t Hurry, Be Happy

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“Timmy,” a 44-year-old who is established in a successful non-law career, is looking to achieve his Bucket List goal of earning a JD. After taking the December test and receiving a 162, Timmy is wondering whether he should continue studying to increase his score or just apply with his score as is. (9:38)

Brian is about to turn 30 and, after completing his undergrad degree in 2014, is looking forward to the next stage of his professional life. His family runs a successful law firm that he spent a lot of time helping out at, and Brian has finally agreed to join this enterprise as a full-fledged lawyer. Now that he’s made his plan, Brian wants to speed through the LSAT and law school so he can “hit the ground running” at the family firm. Nathan encourages him to take the time necessary to decide if law is truly the profession that will make him happy. Ben shares a story of his own legal experience at the Department of Justice and how it affected his career. Both guys suggest Brian spend more time prepping for the LSAT so he can both earn scholarships and get a better feel for what he’ll be up against when he takes the Bar exam. (29:38)

We spend the second half of this episode working on two Logical Reasoning problems from the June 2007 LSAT. To play at home, just download the free test, work through Section 3, Questions 15 and 16, and listen in as we discuss the solutions in detail. (#15 at 55:03 and #16 at 1:07:01)

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